Intro: The Sound Of Silence

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This blog is a personal account of my views regarding the current state of the World. I am just a thirty something year old woman. A woman never shares her actual age after the age of twenty-one unless she has to. I am educated on paper with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Criminal Justice & a Juris Doctor. However those titles are not what make me; I am only including them as education did take up a significant portion of my life. However the real me is defined by my experiences, interactions & spirituality. I am a dreamer. I hold no special titles, but I have a lot of years of self reflection, struggles & overcoming adversities that have led me down a path of constant internal reflection which many are being forced to do right now whether they choose to or not. You can not hide from the face in the mirror.

I will not be offering tips on how to stay busy & sane. I have been partially isolated prior to this epidemic for the past year partly due to health reasons & by personal choice. As ironic as it may sound; my crippling anxiety has reduced greatly since the COVID-19 outbreak. I feel this is in part, because a lot of the outside worldly triggers have subsided around me. I do not mean to sound matter of fact regarding the state of the World as my heart goes out to all those impacted by this epidemic.

My gut knew for years that a storm was approaching; I just had no idea what form it would come in. There will be no real well thought out plans on this blog & the pictures I post. I will be expressing my authentic self while at the same time sharing some of my own precognitive insights.

“As Above; So Below” (Nantasket Beach)

I live on a peninsula in Massachusetts that faces “World’s End,” a 251 acre nature preserve that contains walking trails, ocean views & magnificent views of the Boston sky line.

I have always been an abstract thinker & feel that facing this park across the dock of the bay in which I reside always held a much greater meaning to me from a spiritual & abstract perspective. In the year 1945 World’s End was proposed as a potential location for the United Nations, but New York City was chosen instead.

This is my first time posting any kind of blog due to the fact I am very Type A when it comes to writing. I want everything to look perfect, but I do not find that the layout to be of importance anymore as that only causes me stress & anxiety to say the least. With that being said there will be no flashy layouts on this blog just my words & some photographs taken by myself & others. Even if I am the only one that ever reads this; I will be proud that I am taking this leap of faith & keeping a journal during this time as I do know years maybe decades from now someone will read it. As we see the World as we know it, change before our eyes, the following lyrics come to mind by Simon & Garfunkle..”And in the naked light I saw Ten thousand people, maybe more
People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening
People writing songs that voices never share
No one dared
Disturb the sound of silence.” To be continued…..

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Love, Strength & Perserverence

4 thoughts on “Intro: The Sound Of Silence

  1. This blog reveels a personal account of the current state of the world! April honestly and with great insight explains some amazing information about herself as well as how she has had a feeling about the storm now known as covid-19 and how it has immensely affected her health! So we’ll written I was totally blown away and now have me thinking about the many topics covered!

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