Six Feet Of Separation

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Everyone is masked…thousands across the world line up six feet apart to get essential needs. It is hard to talk to fellow man behind a mask as we keep a safe distance in fear of spreading germs. “The eyes are the window to the soul ” hence with that being said everyone is essentially “talking without speaking,” because we know we are all feeling emotions whether it be fear, sadness, worry & the list goes on. We all share one common feeling; how did the World get to this point & will my loved ones be ok? Many people hiding behind glass walls unable to talk to family members that are in homes or in the hospital. People unable to grieve together with their families over loss. How much did people know about this virus? Were people talking without speaking to the rest of us? Were they writing songs that voices never share?

The grammy awards were held on January 26, 2020 & multi award winner Billie Elish wore a Gucci face mask? It makes me wonder? A virus is not fashionable nor is it something to be mocked by designer face masks before the virus went “viral.” Do the elites of the World know something we did not know as they escaped to their underground bunkers?

However these answers do not really interest me; I am engaging in critical thinking & encourage you all to do the same. All we hear on TV is virus coverage & people dying. Are you all aware Mother Earth has a heartbeat also known as the Schumann Resonance? It’s rhythm is 7.83 hz.

We also have something known as “collective conscience.” This is a set of shared morals & beliefs that operate as a united force throughout the World. When the World is stuck in a lower frequency due to these outside circumstances that are forcing us into isolation a variety of feelings attach to this. Please see attached emotional feeling wheel for further understanding. When we are all vibrating low then we are not aligned with Mother Earth’s heartbeat.

We can not allow this virus, media & sad stories lower collective consciousness and if you do not understand what I mean then I suggest you look back in history to one of the world’s greatest scientists, Nikola Tesla. His teachings taught me that despite the days I felt like I was overcome with grief, sadness & despair I was forced to remind myself I have to think about raising the universal vibration any way that I possibly could. I encourage readers to do the same.

I recall a day I felt like absolute hell. I was sick & I was exhausted. I took my dogs to World’s End & lied on a grassy hill for hours. As I walked the trail I plastered a fake smile on my skin mask. I immediately felt better most likely, because I was connected to Mother Earth & Nature not a cell phone nor did I care how I looked to others lying on a hill for hours with tears streaming down my face because I did not feel good & I did not understand my purpose.

I wanted to make it through that day. I did not want to burden others with my issues. I had a responsibility to myself, my family, my dogs, my creator & Mother Earth to increase my vibration so my sadness & pain did not go viral.

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Love, Strength & Perserverence

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