Sunset: Reset

“Royal Sunset”

This photograph of a sunset facing “World’s End” was taken by me on a night where everything seemed to be going right. My outfit perfectly matched the color purple in the sky. I titled it “Royal Sunset” as purple is the color of royalty.

I am and have always been a nightbird. It is when some of my strangest ideas come to mind such as this.

Some people may think this sounds rather weird, but the daytime is pretty different nowadays so why not take a shot in the dark with this idea?

The facts are there is practically nobody out right now as everything is closed. It makes me wonder what kind of intel is being gathered as everyone is stationed in isolation at their homebase?

I must have seen three helicopters fly by me during the day so what could be going on during the night?

Are we able to tell if humans emit a light that can only be seen at night? Could we be human stars creating our own patterns on the ground similar to the big dipper? Could we be illuminating something that could not have been recognized before due to all the hustle and bustle that goes on during “Thank God it’s Friday” before isolating at home was the norm? I have no idea, but it sounds like a cool idea.

” Light is a great opportunity for the darkness to realize that there exists a different world than the world of darkness! You can attain wisdom only when you discover the worlds beyond your own world! For the darkness to be wise, it must know the light; for the light to be wise, it must know the darkness!”

-Mehmet Murat ildan

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Love, Strength & Perserverence

4 thoughts on “Sunset: Reset

  1. Love this quote and love this idea. Sameness is boring and uninspiring. Experiencing the opposite is intriguing and offers perspective. Grab those precious moments when no one is around and you can hear your heartbeat and take in all the colors and magnificence of this world. You used to be able to do this on Sundays before store were allowed to open and the blue laws were abolished. Now it seems there is hussel and bussel all around us all the time. Great pictures and observations!

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    1. Thank you!!! Yes sameness is so boring. If you do not know the dark; there is no way one can know the light. It is that simple. I have pulled myself out of some very dark situations so when you see the light it is so much more of a blessing & an invigorating/ grateful feeling. Also experiencing both sides gives you so much more depth so you are so much less of a surface being.

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      1. So true and well said. We sometimes don’t appreciate the things we have unless we go through the difficult things for perspective. It’s up to us get ourselves through the down times to be lifted up, but so hard to do!

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