Essence of Groundhog Day

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As I stated on my first post I knew a Storm was on the horizon a few years ago. I was being bombarded by synchronicities to the point my sixth sense was in overdrive; I knew the World was going to change & it was going to have a Groundhog Type day/ theme Vibe to it. I could feel it & sense it way before it was overwhelming. Isn’t it ironic we are on this lockdown in “2020?” Groundhog day is on 2/2. If you are confused what I mean by the “Groundhog Day” analogy I am referring to the movie with Billy Crystal who is caught in a time loop.

Ground Hog Day-Theatrical Release Poster

Rewind to my earlier days in my early 20’s while I was in law school not only was I studying what I had to learn to graduate; I was also dead set on learning other things. I was like Eve that took a bite out of the apple that was far too great to wrap my head around everything I was taking in. I was a self described knowledge fanatic. Yet isn’t it also quite a Paradox one of the scariest images I have as a child & even into age twenty-one is the Scary Witch that jumps out of Nowhere Holding the Apple on a ride at the Magic Kingdom. Who would have known it is as if I was scared of what I was seeking, but I refuse to identify with a Disney Character. No offense Disney.

In between puffing marijuana I was also getting high on knowledge jumbling back & forth between school work a.k.a. the United States legal system (BORING), “The Book of Changes,” (I-Ching), The Bible, The Tao, learning about Angels & Ascended Masters, The Fibonacci Sequence, dissecting songs etc & the list does not stop there. I was drowning in it all wanting to get in as much as I could. I still wonder how did I manage to graduate with all this information swimming in my head?

I also was perplexed into what the hell was I turning into? I used to be the girl who in college would roll into class in club attire in black pants with slits & silver studs down the side from the night before. A very far cry from my daily stretch pants yet I will say some are cute. By the time I reached age twenty-one I could care less as going to bars was old news. I started getting into nightclubs at age seventeen with my blockbuster card. I was on to bigger things. I related to practically nobody my age it seemed nor did I really care I had a focus & drive to gather knowledge. I had to remove myself from lower vibrational environments so I was forced to live with my shadow self & learn. However shout out to my roommate/ friend & my best friend at that time, because they were into discussing the same things. We always had laughs though; it was not like a Bible Study or anything to that affect.

However one aspect of this learning I was particularly focused on was the numbers in the I Ching (Yi Jing). How the number One represents six yang lines symbolizing “Creative Power” while the Two represented six yin lines representing “The Receptive” & “Spirit of the Earth.” I remember being so interested in reading about Hexagram Two (2) and how if I wanted to achieve anything of importance my best bet was to be receptive to the world around me. The way of the wise demonstrates their power in gentle ways, which has always been me. The I Ching just verified it.

Fast forward a few years ago I met a man whom was more then double my age from my old employer. He called himself “The Magician.” He taught me more about energy & rekindled some of the old knowledge I had forgotten, but was in dire need of. He taught me how to identify the kinds of people to keep in my life. The three kinds of people: positive, neutral & negative. Positive minds talk about concepts & ideas, neutral people talk about events & negative people only engage in gossip. He told me due to my sensitive nature it was of utmost importance I only keep positive & neutral people around me or it would be detrimental to my health & well-being. Also to not take it personal when people would say things about me that were not true. He said to envision these types of beings as floating bubbles. A new door opened so that is when I began studying the wisdom of the ancients, geometria & ways to elevate my vibration in a World where I truly felt out of place.

As fast as he swooped into my life; he left this World on Ground Hog Day then the next year my supervisor at that job died on Ground Hog Day. My beloved grandfather was born on 2/22 & died two days later when I was ten years old. The 2s just would not stop coming into my mind as I remembered these little tid bits of my past & significant dates.

Fast forward to 2020 nothing unusual happened on Ground Hog Day other then the ground hog not seeing his shadow, which is indicative to me that since he could not see his shadow then he could not see himself anymore & change was in the air. I did not ever buy into the early Spring analogy as it was snowing in Massachusetts a few days ago. I am adding this comment I just realized the Super Bowl was on 2/2. I knew I was missing something.

My beloved Grandmother passed away on February 20, 2020. I was very close to her and I am grieving. Some may not be able to understand this analogy, but it was as if when my Grandma died a signal went off as there was now a 0 after the 2, which signaled to me a “circle” what was going around was somehow coming back around. My grandmother was buried on leap year, but had it not been a leap year she would have been buried on her birthday. This is a circle of a life. Then I had two remaining family members of that generation still alive one on my grandfather’s side & one on my grandmother’s side. On Saint Patrick’s day my beautiful Great Aunt died & on April 19th my other lovely Great Aunt died. Both I love very much. In between their passing another family member passed away & a kind neighbor whom I just met. Both I also love even though we did not know each other long or well; they were always kind to me. Five people passed away within two months. This was starting to feel like like Ground Hog Day, but I was not alone. The whole world was experiencing Ground Hog Day & hearing about deaths on a daily basis.

I do not want to end this post on a death note therefore follow the magician’s advice & if possible try to only surround yourselves with positive & neutral people not only are you increasing your own vibration; you are increasing the Universal vibration. We all must do our part. Take a walk; enjoy nature. If you are six feet apart; smile at a stranger. We are all in this together & please limit how much attention you give to the media as this I find can make you far too paranoid.

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2 thoughts on “Essence of Groundhog Day

  1. You have a very active mind, always seeking more knowledge and understanding as it relates to you, those around you and to the world. These are unsettling times for sure. The current focus on death is depressing and overwhelming. The circle of life and death take center stage these days. We really have to search for positive, uplifting influences to offset the “bad news” we are bombarded with daily. You have great perspective at your young age. It will allow you to recognize the value in people, of time and experiences in the here and now, where some only obtain it in their rear view mirror.

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