Problems or Perspective Lifters?

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When I was two and a half i got a childhood illness that nearly killed me until I went to see the late Father Edward Mcdonough at a Church in Revere. I was cross-eyed & in a body cast. His regular church was the Mission Church in Roxbury, Massachusetts, but he travelled to various churches to do healing. At the Mass i attended for healing in Revere; he stopped talking mid sentence & walked up to me first out of a packed church filled with people in need of help. He laid his hands on me & I was healed. I no longer had crossed eyes & no longer needed a body cast. The doctors & my family were astonished. This man through God saved my life. I looked like this & shortly thereafter I was fine. My Gram called me her Miracle Grandchild.

My beloved late Grandpa Walter Petrowski & I on my Third Birthday. 💖 Make a Wish!

As I grew older I realized I always operated in fight or flight mode & i questioned everything. If I felt weird; my mind would go down the rabbit hole & I would automatically freak out thinking something was wrong with me. We must not engage in this behavior now with the virus. As I have known about four people now that were convinced they had the virus, but tested negative therefore try to train your brain to not jump to conclusions.

I believe the reason why I was so eager to gain knowledge was due to the fact I did not want to get conned or tricked into doing things ever again out of fear. I did not want to miss a trick. Every night I try to say “God Never Let Me Miss A Trick.” I learned that statement holds immense power after reading the below referenced book after I was homebound from end of 2018 into 2019 after recovering from a car accident; another miracle I will tell in another post.

“I have the crystal clear vision of the Spirit. I look up & down & all around, for my good now comes from North, South, East & West. – Florence Scovel Shinn

I stated at the onset of this year that this would be the year the World has 2020 vision. However, it is hard to see that given the current state of the World. People are divided; the illusion of choice is in full throttle as politicians from both sides continue to masquerade on the TV as the media continues to freak people out & mild symptoms make one think they have the virus. Then they may think; what if I have the virus & infected others? This is also known as going down the rabbit hole.

My suggestion is to pray & let the music play; watch this all play out. Truth needs no defense. If you control the news; you control the masses. We are not sheep like the picture of the Island i took formerly known as “round island.” It is called controlled imagination; dream & think outside the box World. Now is the time. Think for yourselves.

Topics such as did or did not the President tell us to drink bleach; why is the Speaker of the House showing off her designer ice cream collection as people are desperate trying to get to food banks are ridiculous & people need to disengage. You really need people that exemplify strong inner authority to make decisions for the masses. In fact all of the sideline drama is giving those in isolation around the world a much needed perspective lift.

Yet no matter what political party you are or what country you are from; something is clearly amiss? However on the same side of the coin I see the best of humanity showing themselves. I took a long walk today & I see houses with red hearts on them as a means of showing love to those out working. I saw one home decorated with a giving tree that stated “thank you for all you do.” When I go into the store despite the fact these people are putting their health & lives on the line donned in an uncomfortable face mask they are still doing it with an attitude of kindness & grace unlike the low vibrational beings we see on TV. I overhear people saying more “thank you for what you do.” These people make a small fraction over minimum wage & are risking their lives. All of this is giving new meaning to the word “essential.”

Do we need food? Yes

Do we need health care? Yes

Do we need empathetic & smart people that are not affiliated with politics or in need of a win for their party to help manage the country? Yes

Do we need kindness, appreciation, respect & compassion for the planet & those that inhabit it? Yes

Many may probably hate me for acting ignorant regarding politics, but I am not apologizing for my feelings. I never found it interesting or engaging in talking about until now. I am a dreamer & free thinker.

This is my first & last post on this blog regarding politics. I just have to tell it how I see it. My conscience is my guide & I follow the Lord not the World.

I am ending this post on a positive note of a cat that is rethinking my “state of mind” by focusing on the beauty surrounding us; flowers, nature, the ocean, the animals, kind people & the real essential workers.

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9 thoughts on “Problems or Perspective Lifters?

  1. Another great post !!! I enjoyed this very much . April you are so gifted . Never stop writing , you have so much to share . I love learning about you . Sweetie is adorable .

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  2. You are so good at reminding us that we are all individuals who should be developing that individuality in whatever way works best for us. It’s true we are so influenced by politics, the news media and the world that we need reminders that they are just opinions to consider. Take away what makes sense to you and also consider other concepts. In today’s world it seems we all have to take sides. We all must win with our point of view and emerge triumphant. It’s really a very cynical concept which lends to demonizing opposing views.
    I knew about some of your health issues but not those you have included here. I believe in the power of prayer and healing. How blessed you are to have experienced that in your young life. Those constant fight or flight feelings are exhausting as you try to feel comfortable in your own skin. It’s an ongoing battle to fight them, manage them and calm them. These are very difficult times which can easily exacerbate them. You have done so much introspection and express it so well to your readers. You touch on subjects just enough to offer your perspective without totally pulling back the curtain. From personal experience I know that we become vulnerable to worthless “cures” and in our desire to heal ourselves we may try many things that don’t work and “get taken”. I like your prayer for discernment in asking God to never let you miss a trick. I hope that you don’t!

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    1. Thank you so much for the feedback & understanding what I am trying to convey. There is a great quote I need to refind. I will post when i finally find it. It basically states how the most hardest thing in the World to actually be is ourselves, because we are so influenced by so much outside interference with the media, politics, what is cool etc. I am taking a course about how when you have a childhood trauma it almost stunts your sense of self in the World when you are trying to form a sense of identity in the World. I have always differed from one thing to the next due to the fact I get easily bored. I find my greatest joy from a career perspective is talking to people & writing that seems to ease the fight or flight, which I have been in since birth. Children & animals also calm my nerves, but do not know any children other then the ones that talk to me on the street. They are very drawn to me which I value as I can not have children. I love it when I can have things be light without thinking to calm the anxiousness. However, if i had not had so much experience & dedicated myself to learning I would have no depth just a girl with a skin mask. Lol! Praying has gotten through me so much..I am not perfect, but the second I am in a situation that triggers my PTSD I read the psalms. Immediately everything changes. Someone said to me yesterday how they could not believe how I can stay so upbeat in past high stress environment & I was so touched. Part of it though is I am very good at stuffing my emotions & plastering a smile on my face when inside I felt like I was going to fall apart. I missed my calling as an actress; I could probably play any role because I have battled so many emotions. It is a work in progress as in the past I had a tendency to be somewhat needy & reactive but I am getting better. Just like anything; we are all a work in progress. As long as we stay kind & in a state of non judgment I think we can really elevate the planet. In terms of vulnerability; many people know how to read body language & take advantage of people’s kindness so I had to learn about the other side so I do not ever fall into the trap of psychics, sociopaths etc. They can have sugar on the lips & venom in their hearts. Recognizing & accepting there are people out there that are very manipulative can be very foreign when you think everyone is nice like you. Again, your insight & feedback is invaluable.

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      1. You are so right that it’s very hard to just be yourself. I heard that all the time growing up and never understood it. I thought I was being myself!
        When you wrote about your childhood illnesses and healing, I thought about the many ways this can affect you for the rest of your life. I’m so glad to hear you are taking a course about the effects of childhood trauma. I’d love to hear all about that.
        Recently I went to Maureen Hancock’s “Postcards from Heaven” show after reading her book. It seems her near death experiences resulted in hearing the voices of dead people trying to break through with their messages. I was skeptical yet intrigued because she is a Catholic. Sometimes I’m not sure if being open to this kind of thing is blasphemous or not. Not sure whether believing it is, as you say, being tricked. I do believe some folks are very “gifted” in unearthly ways. The challenge is weeding them out!
        Anyway, I wonder what you’ll learn now about how your childhood traumas have affected you growing up. Is that why you are drawn to children and vice versa? And who among us do not have their hearts melt in the presence of loving animals! Maybe it’s the fact that they are non-judgemental and we really can be ourselves with them.
        I really have to practice being non-judgemental! I was brought up being taught right from wrong and to take a stand. Sometimes taking that stand comes off as arrogance and self righteousness. So I appreciate the self control you have over this and being so conscious of it. I’ll have to work on that!

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      2. It is a two part course..healing addiction & trauma recovery. I do not have the addiction problem but you would be surprised to read how much trauma & addiction are related. I started it a while back & I only have done the zoom meetings w/ a group as I have found them to be insightful but extremely triggering. I have not even started the lessons as I am too focused on this & with all of the deaths going on I have difficulty focusing. After the course you can become a certified addiction & trauma recovery coach. But tbh I do not know how far I want to take it. I have been praying more then ever & doing sound therapy which reprograms my subconscious so I kind of find that to be more helpful. I saw Maureen Hancock before & someone’s mother I knew that had died was sitting behind me; she did know a lot. Many people find comfort in her. I definitely believe people have psychic ability; I definitely do but it sometimes gets very muffled as I do not know where the info is coming from & some of it scares me then never happens so there is a fine line. Some things I will dream about & they will happen too. I had a psychic tell me once I should open a business doing readings but I would not feel comfortable ever doing that for profit. I believe I am more intuitive & that just comes with age/ experience & clearing your mind meditating etc. Alhough someone brought up an alternate view to me just the other day, which I never considered. Some of these major psychics know who signs up for their events. How do we not know they do not have a whole big team working for them researching these people, scanning obits etc & gathering Intel. It could be a very profitable scam if you have the money & resources. It really got me thinking hard about Maureen. She promised me one time in an email many years ago I could attend her classes at Bridgewater State near where my Gram lived for a reduced fee as I did not have money to pay for classes. I then emailed her several times after that & never heard back. Idk if the classes fell through or what but she said I could hand out fliers or something. Also many Catholics are very against psychics so I find her questionable despite what she claims to know. She has a lot of people that back her; when I saw her at postcards from the edge that time she was talking about going into work with Disney. This is just another side of the coin; I am wandering about. You are beyond non judgmental!!! If you were judgmental you would not comment on this blog & I definitely do not think you come off as arrogant or self righteous at all. I used to feel like that about myself then I realized I had to lighten up. As for animals & children; they do bring lots of smiles..especially the animals in my case. It is too bad my old friends never let me be part of their lives. I would have loved that so much; I would spoil them like crazy & it would have really helped me get out of my head.


    2. Thank you for like on 50 States of Grey but I just read it & I have a lot of doing over on that one. I deleted & I am going to redo. I felt my tone was too negative.


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