Keep Your Eyes On The Prize ๐Ÿ‘€

#space #poetry

Poem my friend K.L. wrote about me a long time ago that I saved as I think it is cool.

Once upon a time in a faraway land, a girl sat in space with a drink in her hand. She took up a sip as deep as the ocean & just as she did the World set in motion.

She looked all around & saw all great things. Spectacular wonders like diamonds with wings! She knew at once her life was a gift. She had all she needed to give her a lift.

She gazed in the mirror & then gave a sigh, her beauty now sparkled through twinkling eyes. She held the power, she was the prize, her heart said it’s time, remove the disguise!

At once she removed that horrible mask & it became clear, her wonderful task. To share with the World her crystalline truth, the dreams in her heart that give her sweet youth.

“Under The Moonlight”

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Love, Strength & Perserverence

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