Get Your “Genii” On! 🤗

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When problems arise we need genius solutions. Let’s revisit what makes someone a “Genius”? Or do we have to revert to the plural form “Genii,” which immediately pops into mind.

“Merrium Webster’s Dictionary,” who has been defining “words” for people since 1828 was the first place I went to. My investigative nature wanted to see what the actual definition of “Genius” was, but I could only view the definition of “Genii” for some reason. The definition for Genii is “a spirit, a place, a person who influences a particular defining characteristic or spirit or a personification or embodiment especially of a quality or condition.”

The term genius is so so broad. Anyone can call themselves a genius. Some people refer to genius’s as brilliant, gifted & especially talented in one aspect. I beg to differ. With that being said, one could be a “Genius” at training wild animals, digging a hole really fast or swimming across shark infested waters while bleeding. I don’t know; those are just some examples I came up with.

Can you see how loosely defined this word is? I can not tell you how many times I have heard someone say “Oh that’s genius!” One time I will never forget I heard someone say that because someone threw something from far away into a trashcan. Ooooh la la! Whoopity do! Let’s be real here people; that line has been said whether it be something truly talented or juvenile.

There have been many geniuses throughout history such as Albert Einstein, Plato, Martin Luther King, Swami Paramananda, Leonardo Da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Harriet Tubman, Hedi Lamarr and the list goes on & on. These people took the term “genius” to a whole new playing field. However, as great as some theories are or still are; they were made to be either preserved, re-evaluated or re-visited through rebuilding. This is done by looking at things from a whole new lens & in order to do this we sometimes need the “Genii.” No, I am not referring to Aladdin.

Leonardo DaVinci for instance believed that to gain knowledge regarding problems you need to learn how to restructure the problem. My personal opinion as a master observer is that we are dealt a deck of cards in life. Some we deem “good” & some may be deemed “bad.” The reality of it is there is no good or bad, because a true genius in my eyes is going within & taking the worst of themselves then turning it into the best version of themselves. This is done through introspection, observation, keeping a high vibration & unlearning old belief systems. It also involves connecting with others that are talented in an area & combining your talents hence turning into a “Genii.”

Just like da Vinci did with each move whether it be inner or outer your understanding of yourself and your worth expands. You in fact in turn understand the “reason” or the “essence” behind the underlying problem at hand thus when these minds are put together major accomplishments can be made. These accomplishments can not only better a select few, but everyone in order to have optimal impact.

Nikola Tesla stated everything emits light whether it be positive or negative. Light in essence is coming through showing us what to avoid or focus on thereby proving my point that by turning things inward; we literally ignite an inner light & connect with our soul truth. This simple tactic could improve the planet immensely.

Hedi Lamar was an actress & helped invent a frequency hopping spectrum. How cool is that? We are all different & uniquely made in God’s perfect image. We all have talents & gifts. Even if you think they are menial; there is a reason you are here.

In closing, the “Genius” is the one that realizes that they are not a “Genius,” but utilizes the plural aspect “Genii.” The so called genius puts down his or her sword & naturally connects with others to create Genii solutions & embracing the individuality we all share. We also can not underestimate the power of love here. It takes a whole lot of love, forgiveness & humility to save both the human race as well as the planet in order to keep the power or love growing & expanding rather then contracting.

I 💖 this quote. 🤣
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* I would like to point out the #Palindrome regarding Hedi. She was born on 11/9 & died on 1/19!!!!

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5 thoughts on “Get Your “Genii” On! 🤗

  1. I really liked this because it addresses the state of the world we r now living in, covid-19, but delves deeper into the problems of resolving issues in our societies which in my opinion affect the planet we are destroying!!!

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  2. I never gave the definition of genius much thought before. I like the value in working collectively on a common goal or problem. Not only does it broaden the lens but keeps one in check from going off on ill gotten tangents and keeps one humble. I find that sometimes truly intelligent people can’t relate well and collaborate with others. One’s ideas may be very worthy but if not communicated well, discussed and refined, they will not translate well in this world and have little impact. There needs to be deference and a respect for others along with sharing of our humanity creating enduring bonds. I like your description of igniting our inner light. We need to take the time to introspect as you said and process our being among others.

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    1. I agree! I am hoping this time being stuck home has given people a perspective lift that not everything is so cut & dry. There are some great engineers for example but some lack the ability to express emotion & communicate from a non technical standpoint. There are so many talented people out there but only a few people seem to be in charge of the World. I think politics in general is getting old & we need some people that do not have something political at stake to help put the World back together.

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  3. So true! Especially about the few people (sometimes talented in less desirable ways) who are “in charge” of the world. I wholeheartedly agree with removing the political ilk from policy makers but I fear this country is so dug in that this may be insurmountable. Meanwhile we are left with the system we have and if you don’t play in the sandbox, you don’t play at all.

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