Wild Energies At Large While Lost Love Ones Leave Signs ๐Ÿ’–

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We are living in a time where everything is in extreme upheaval. Heavy, dense energies are in the air as the media reports the number of those infected has surpassed the one million mark. I live in the third state as having the most cases and it is not a very big state. The peninsula I live on is closed & is refusing to unveil the number of people with the virus leaving residents with mixed emotions. You see a big flashing sign stating “Residents & Visitors Only”as you enter the peninsula. One way in & one way out unless you are on a boat.

Today as I walked Roxy, a Maltese & Rilee, a Morkie downtown I saw police hanging large yellow signs saying thirty minute time limit strictly enforced at all the parking meters. The beach lots are shut down so nobody can enter.

I was personally feeling somewhat depressed. I normally talk to a ton of people on my walks like I am some kind of person running for political office. It doesn’t matter who you are; I will converse. A half hour walk would sometimes turn into a two hour walk from all the gabbing whether it be people approaching me or I approaching them. A hi would sometimes turn into a forty five minute chat.

I call my neighbor & her sisters “The View” as they sit in the yard on certain days, but now their chairs are six feet apart as the dogs run around the fenced in yard. I occasionally join as a guest star of the peninsula’s version of “The View.” Thankfully they are up for chatting.

I even notice some of the friends I normally touch base with during the week is kind of falling by the wayside as there is really not much to talk about.

There is a range of emotions going on such as a fear when you hear someone has to be tested; the relief when the results return negative & the sadness when you hear of someone you know has tested positive or succumbed to the virus.

Feelings about everything get stirred up & you find you are becoming shaken out of your inertia. Change is looming.

Some people are not working at all, others from home; while some businesses are wandering if they will survive the year. The stock market is down then most recently went up; oil prices are at an all time low. These recent events are giving you a real opportunity to see more clearly what’s wrong & to explore other paths.

The men & woman on the world stage are giving us more insight what is going right & what needs improvement. We live in a “survival of the fittest” culture where countries rival against each other for power and resources. People are measured by material wealth & the more you have then the more successful you may appear. People are under pressure to keep up & stay ahead during a state of total limbo.

However, the current circumstances are challenging this draconian belief system that has been in place before any of us even the elders were even born. In my family a whole generation ended in a very short time span. I can only imagine what they are saying. One thing I know for sure is my Grandma is yelling “goddamit” about something; her most frequently used word.

She was strong, amazing & one of the funniest people I ever met. I can almost hear her screaming at me sometimes if I do something she would not have approved of such as not eating breakfast or if she were around today & knew I went into the city unmasked when the virus first hit Boston. She most likely would not want me to leave the house at all as everytime I would leave her home it would have to be before dark as she hated to see me driving in the dark. I would just laugh as I have been driving in the dark since age sixteen. If she only knew some of the stuff I used to do; a drive after dark would be a walk in the park.

With that being said I was walking down the street around mid April during the holiday season & I kept saying I just need some kind of sign as I was feeling very sad not seeing my grandma over the holidays. She always made me laugh very hard. It is hard to make me laugh real hard. Only a few people hold that spot & yes Larry David is on the top of the list.

Ok so back to the walk mid April I was yelling very loud internally out of the blue “I need a sign.” Then I look and see hidden in the corner of the front of a closed down restaurant this rock. The rock had an Id# & website so I could track where it has been. To my surprise the rock originated in a town I would only pass through if I was visiting my Grandma’s house. I then saw on the map regarding this rock that it also travelled to Brockton, which is where my great aunt lived in her home all her life whom passed on Saint Patrick’s Day. The last time I went to see my Grandma she was at a nursing facility in Brockton for rehab & this same Great Aunt for an illness just got admitted there. I went to see my Great Aunt, but she was fast asleep & I did not want to wake her. This was the last time I was at that building & planned on going back again in I believe two days but it could have been three. I can not recall exact number. It wasn’t the following day as I previously posted as I just got a message about that day which is so unbelievable.

They were both under the same roof together & the rock message I got I know was from the both of them as the last stop the rock had before it reached me was in Brockton where I last saw them conscious.

This song on the rock for some reason has always made me cry & I never knew why. If I was in public & it came on for some reason I would always have to try very hard to pull it together so people could not see me fight back tears or I would excuse myself to the bathroom to pull it together. I have not the slightest clue why “somewhere over the rainbow” made me cry so hard but it did. There are two other songs that would do the same thing & I have no idea why.

The moral of the story is I heard the song the other day & I did not cry. I felt comfort as I thought of the rock & my late loved ones looking over me. Oh & if anyone is curious; I rehid the rock further North with the hope it would bring a smile to someone else’s face.

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