The Contact Killer: Copper 🎊

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Have you ever seen a copper railing or copper door knob in a hospital or nursing home? I sure as heck have not & I do not understand why? I only see stainless steel at hospitals, which myself & others are allergic to & are magnets for viruses.

Why are people ignoring the advice of the Ancients & ignoring the amazing benefits of this microbe contact killer; copper?

As I stated in a past post, viruses & diseases are spread via touching contaminated surfaces. With that being said why don’t we eliminate these germ infested surfaces entirely & replace them with copper? This will drastically eliminate the need to constantly grab your hand sanitizer & lysol wipes. This will also reduce the cost of cleaning supplies as copper surfaces kill lingering germs, superbugs, & bacteria twenty-four hours a day; seven days a week!

Photograph: Copper, Quartz, Orgonite & Amethyst (all contain healing properties). Picture added for visual affect only (this article is based solely on copper).

The Ancients knew all about the anti-microbial properties of copper; why has this crucial finding been left blowing in the wind waiting for someone like me to blog about hoping someone out there will take listen & take note?

The Internet is filled with studies that discuss how Copper can effectively prevent the spread of respiratory viruses while they sit & ruminate on other surfaces like steel & plastic.

I could write a long book on this topic; all you have to do is google the benefits & antimicrobial properties of this hidden treasure. There are so many studies that have been done on this.

I bet you the World; Copper will be in very high demand in the coming months. Pay attention investors; this could be the answer to a shaky stock market. One ton costs $2,500.00 at the present time.

It makes me wonder; why was there talk about wanting to take the penny out of circulation; I can only guess so those that know this big little secret can have it in vast supply. I will never again look at a penny the same way.

It baffles me green paper could be an issue with the amount of money people donate to the healthcare field including the vast amount of money the industry generates. Why not starting using these donations including a share of healthcare profits to a very important & effective use so in the future deadly viruses like COVID-19 can’t spread so fast & the World would no longer have to face a hoarding epidemic on sanitation products, mass hysteria, loss of livelihood & most importantly: the loss of lives!!!!!!

I personally use Meso Copper on dry skin & it works like a charm!

Go For It!!!!

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7 thoughts on “The Contact Killer: Copper 🎊

  1. April, you have a real gift for writing as well as analyzing and deciphering everything you see, hear or read. Your powers of perception are amazing and I’ve really enjoyed reading your blogs. You’ve made me think about some things in ways that I hadn’t considered before. Keep up your spirits and your writing.

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  2. Good points, April. There is a lot to be said for our ancestors and their beliefs, intuition, and experience. Sometimes I think we have such advanced technology that we discount things that are true just because there were no “studies” back then to validate them. For all our technological advancements, I sometimes think our medical schools fall down in teaching medical students the value of observation, inspection, palpation, percussion, etc, along with the skills of truly listening to patients. We rely too heavily on objective data and forget to really look at the patient. But I digress…. Copper is so expensive that it is often stripped from abandoned buildings and brings a good price even for scrap metal. I agree that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but unfortunately sometimes it’s just the good old bottom line which is the almighty buck. I worry about the long term effects of all of us constantly rubbing antibacterial gels into our skin and handling anti germicidal wipes. There will be big opportunity for studying any ill effects from these products.

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    1. I agree Carolyn. They say over a certain time these hand sanitizers start to not work after extended use. I myself would use a cleaning at an old job many yrs ago & it made myself & others skin start to fall off. It was all chemicals. Many people have chemical sensitivities. With the amount of money the health care industry makes; you would think they would implement some copper on at least door knobs & hand rails. Nursing homes are germ ridden. I know this is quite a leap of faith to think that copper could be everywhere but just throwing an idea out. Thank you for your insight.


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