How Conscious Are You Really Regarding The World You Live In? 💮

Growing up in a small, boring town reminiscent of “1984” by George Orwell made me always wonder in secret what else is out there & or going on out there in this big World? I understand there are tons of small towns similar to this one so I am not singling this one out. I am only using it as it is my personal experience. As for 1984 well that is what we live in today as there are cameras everywhere, cell phones pinging, social media tracking every move you make & every step you take. Small towns give off the same type vibe especially that one.

Although I must say the pinging of the cell phone on my phone is not that accurate as when I was creating my email address for my blog on my phone last night it said i was in Japan when I was reviewing my security settings after i created my initial password for the email. Then I made my way back to Massachusetts, USA a few minutes later when I had to rechange the password. This was a quick trip to Japan I must say considering it said my actual location smack dab on the front of my cell phone so how I ended up in Japan when i just created the email is beyond me nor do I deem it my problem. I am just reporting this virtual insanity.

Going back to my hometown; my parents moved here from the city when I was young not knowing anything about this town. They were not from the area nor did they grow up up in this kind of small town environment so it was new to them too. It had a good school system so that is why they moved there, which is understandable.

When I moved into the college dorms at age seventeen; I felt like I was a Tigress being released from the Tiger King’s Zoo in Oklahoma. Maybe that is taking it a bit far as it was not like I lived in a total bubble. I did go to other states to do volunteer work with a group i was in, went on vacations to various places & I had a job in the closest real actual city not a nearby small town while in high school. With that being said I met different people from other walks of life hence I was not totally isolated in captivity like a Tigress.

Where we grow up kind of sets us up to what we think we should become/ do in life & what we are conscious of. It stagnates at a point or expands depending on our life experience and or how much digging we want to do regarding the World around us.

In college all I wanted to do was party, party, party, which was in stark contrast to how I was in law school with my intense knowledge addiction not just regarding the law. As I stated in prior posts; I was so obsessed with alternate thinking. Following the norm was not part of the deck of cards God handed me. I had to stay a step ahead & keep an eye on the shadow side to see what it had to say.

In a past post I discussed collective consciousness: a shared unifying force consisting of shared beliefs etc. Well there is also something known as the “Global Consciousness Project,” that was created in 1998 at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab. It is made up of scientists & engineers. “Data has been continuously collected from a global network of physical random number generators located in sixty-five host sites around the World” quoted from the world wide web. I am not going into the nitty gritty of this project that is why we have search engines like Google etc. so you can do your own research & form your own opinions. I am only the messenger not the news. I also did not understand all the technology talk involved as I do not have a background in engineering or science; I am just dissecting the basics that I found to be of interest.

However, I will report this one interesting piece I found off of their website “The project uses technology and methods designed to record effects of events that stimulate us to integrate as a world-wide consciousness. Examples include the funeral ceremonies of Princess Diana, the terrorist attacks on 9/11, terrible accidents and natural disasters, major religious gatherings, and midnight on any New Years Eve.” (

This got me thinking if there is this much research being done on major events; I wonder what tech info regarding global consciousness this project is gathering on this virus which has resulted in more deaths then 911 & has created a totally different World then the one we lived in before? We the people are all the subjects of this project.

Personally I liked the collective consciousness approach a lot more to be honest that can be found in my past post entitled “Six Feet of Separation.” At least I feel more in control.

Why is this not out in the open? Who is the information being shared with? Is the virus affecting anything from a tech standpoint? These are major questions to consider. It is really high time we wake up to a global agenda. This is too matrix like; I would like to be disconnected from that.

This latest epidemic is not isolated to one country; this is a global epidemic affecting multiple countries simultaneously unlike what they studied in the past with the exception of natural disasters, but which ones are they referring to? The title does state “Global Consciousness Project.” What countries are involved? Are they generating profit from tragedy? I am not making accusations; I am engaging in critical thinking. What are they doing with the findings? Where are the sixty- five global hosting sites they mention? When did we sign up for this? Why are the newspapers not telling us the findings; are they even aware? Remember I stated before if you control the news; you control the masses ability to think outside the box especially when they may not have enough time to dream. Why has not one politician since this began in 1998 discussed this little “Global” arrangement on the World stage?

I am not knocking the project completely maybe it is doing something good yet until I hear it from the horses mouth; I do not consent. It feels too much like a science project to me at the current time.

How “conscious” are we really when there are sixty-five host sites around the Globe gathering information on us unbeknownst to the mass majority of us that are gathering data during difficult times? I certainly never heard of any leaders chatting about this on the evening news; have you?

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