Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

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I have always been extremely focused on elevating my vibration primarily as a means of getting through situations that I felt were out of my control. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer yet I have also relied on other ways of looking at things such as the Alpha Omega chart. I was initially drawn to it after reading the Book of Revelations then I started to google alpha & omega one day for some reason. I came across the chart, which is very interesting.

Picture credit from a question regarding whether emotions can be transferred.

” I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.” – Revelation 22:13

“The more we give love, the greater our capacity to do so.” -Dr. David R. Hawkins

Your level of consciousness causes you to expand or contract in the Universe. Every word you speak and every action you take has an effect on a scale far greater then you realize.

If you look at the chart you need to be aiming at at the very least four hundred on the scale to be expanding. If it is a lower number you are contracting; however given the state of the World at least aim to be at the level of acceptance while trying hard to eliminate the lower states of being.

As you expand; you in turn help others as well as the vibration of the planet, which is desperately needed at this time.

I would like to give credit in this post to two great teachers; Mahatma Ghandi & Carl Jung. Carl Jung was the first person to introduce the concept of “Synchronicity,” which is something as I got older & wiser started experiencing quite frequently.

Once you enter a certain level of consciousness, the sychronicities happen constantly & far less spaced apart. At first it makes you feel like you may be going crazy, but that is in fact the total opposite. As you become more conscious lower vibrational beings may pop into your life & situations may even start to occur to cause you to become upset. This is due to the fact you are bright & the darker powers that be want to keep you down. Sometimes they are meant to distract you away from certain people, God or your higher self. The next time you get thrown off kilter or confused regarding people in general remember this.

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” – Carl Jung

I can not tell you how many times I have faced these types of occurrences & I am still learning discernment. I am in fact a strong believer in Jesus Christ & when you are a believer you get tested much more then someone who is living in their own little bubble of ignorance and bliss. I do not want this blog to be all about religion as I respect all religions hence I try to write from a general viewpoint that all people can relate to.

On another note sometimes in order to confuse you; people can enter your life & appear as if they are of the light. Sometimes you may even come across a cracker jack clairvoyant filling your head with lies about the future. This has happened to me before and believe me some can scare the living daylights out of you. Some people are psychically gifted, but there is no future. The future is now so when someone talks about your future; you are giving your power away. I am not talking about birth charts as that is a whole other topic for another day. I am referring to when people may gaze into a crystal ball and tell you about your future.

On the contrary, people also come into our lives to act as mirrors of aspects of ourselves so we can recognize, learn & grow ourselves. The characteristics that you in fact disliked or liked about them are in fact qualities you exhibit whether you realize or not. Once the light of consciousness shines upon these ill or amazing traits; you then are able to eliminate or incorporate them hence your consciousness expands & you are blessing to anyone you come in contact with.

Sometimes they may not be mirrors of anything & just pure distractions. In that case the below message from Ghandi may be helpful & assist you to engage in my self taught regime known as “mental weeding.”

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” -Mahatma Ghandi

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8 thoughts on “Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

  1. I really love how you stay rooted deep in your faith and also incorporate other psychologists and social activists from many other cultures in your process of self reflection and betterment of yourself and society. I appreciate the blend of your studies and your own personal introspection. I often find myself wondering if agreeing with some of what I read is at odds with my Catholic Faith. I do believe that if you believe and keep God as the Creator above all things, then you can be open to other forces, energies and influential factors to consider.
    It’s an interesting concept of mirrors as aspects of ourselves. I love Ghandi’s quote of not allowing people with dirty feet to walk through your mind!

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    1. Hi Carolyn, I myself was raised Catholic & I no longer identify with Catholicism because I did not resonate with it. I did not ever find myself to be uplifted from their services and there is too much corruption that was ignored. This is just how I feel, but I have Catholic friends & they are amazing people so I do not judge. I ventured to outside Churches for a bit & some had better messages. However, I was still not getting entirely what my soul needed & that was outside view points. I believe in Jesus Christ & when you read Matthew chapter 8 it basically translates that Jesus commended the centurions faith not his concept of spiritual authority which is basically somewhat of a warning against Church hierarchy. In order for me to transform my mind I had to almost create my own personal religion where Jesus took center stage but I also applied other teachings from various other people from doctors, philosophers, scientists etc. You have to believe what feels right to you in order for you to vibrate at your highest frequency. As you stated the mirror concept is an interesting concept & if you really start applying it you learn a lot about yourself. I learned so much by meeting people that were really just aspects of myself I had to remove or I want to be more like. This I believe was God’s way of teaching me how I can be operating at my best. As always thank you for your feedback & your personal insight. 💖


  2. Thanks for sharing all that, April. I didn’t know if you were a Catholic or not. Many hold their religion, religious and spiritual beliefs very private and personal so I appreciate the openness. I get what you are saying about Church hierarchy as the Catholic Faith certainly has been corrupted by human hands. As a Catholic it became very difficult to navigate through the unfathomable sex abuse scandal.
    I was brought up Catholic and as a teenager rejected what I had been taught all my life. I fell away from the Faith for a good 15 years of early adulthood. Then I had Krista and suddenly my vows to bring her up in the Catholic Faith came front and center. I took her to Church with me as a toddler while Dick was a non practicing Protestant. Over the years that followed I became friends with strong Catholic women over a public school issue. They were far more learned in the Faith than I and I was drawn to them and deeper into the Catholic Faith. They remain my very good friends today.
    I went to confession after nearly 20 years and then fully embraced the sacrament of penance and the mercy of forgiveness. I embraced the Eucharist as the Body of Christ and the spiritual nourishment it brings.
    There were many times I felt the Holy Spirit’s presence. Later on the Holy Spirit would touch Dick through a series of events even he could not ignore any longer and so he converted to Catholicism and became a practicing Catholic. This really did complete our family here on earth.
    I love the universalism of the Catholic Faith in that you can go anywhere in the world and the Mass celebration is familiar as we partake in Communion and relate to well known prayers and hymns. But I don’t deny that the human aspect can enter in and we might find ourselves drawn to or turned off by certain priests or parishes. It’s sometimes difficult to get past this.
    The thought of a multitude of prayers being lifted up at once is so inspiring to me as is unites people in Faith and hopefulness.
    Add to this the gift of our Blessed Mother and her strong intercessory role in the Church. So many of my prayers are directed to her to ask Jesus for his mercy.
    The Faith in it’s truest form is pure and fascinates me. That’s not to say that the human administration of the Faith is without error.
    What I find so comforting about my Faith is that in its truest form is the constancy of it and its endurance over the centuries with the millions of followers and all the Spiritual and Corporate works of Mercy performed by the Church.
    But that is my story of how I evolved. I know many that have fallen away and converted to other religions or are content with the spirituality they have found. Whatever we find which leads us to live a compassionate and humble life can only help ourselves and this world.
    We are blessed in that we have found Jesus unlike others who just fell away. When He is in your heart, you will be guided with His wisdom and knowledge.
    I commend you in your journey. I think we are constantly evolving and at any time things could change to alter our direction but I feel the love of Christ is with us serving as a guidepost.
    So may God bless you as you continue your journey.
    Thanks so much for sharing personal aspects of your life in your uplifting writings!
    I look forward to reading more and especially appreciate your responding to me.

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    1. Thank you so much Carolyn for sharing your private story. As I mentioned in one of my posts I was healed by the late Father Edward McDonough from Mission Church, which is Catholic, but I saw him at a church in Revere. A few years back when I was struggling physically & emotionally I went to a healing mass at a Catholic Church. There were two lines that the attendees could either see a Greek Orthodox Priest & a non Greek Orthodox Priest for laying hands & putting oil on us. I felt I needed all the help I could get and went in one line to get help from one priest then jumped in the other line to see the other Priest. People were staring at me kind of oddly but I was so upset at that point I did not care what the difference was. It is a somewhat humorous story jumping from one line to the next. Most recently I attended a Catholic Mass for my late Great Aunt Jenny & it was an amazing Mass where we could all interact & the Priest said an amazing sermon. It was one of the best Masses I have been to date. With that being said, i really just float to wherever I can find comfort. I have gone to St. Jerome’s & sat in the chapel alone to pray. I found that very comforting. I just do not like to identify as something if I am not fully in it. I also find comfort & spiritual connection with God anywhere as he dwells within my heart. I find so much fighting in this world is a result of politics & religion so I try to remain neutral. I have come across people in my life that are so deadset in their religion that I almost feel judged so these kinds of people are unhealthy for me to be around as God does not judge. If anyone judges me then I must keep moving to protect my heart. I think it is amazing when we can be so open about our beliefs without being stigmatized. I will be doing a redo of fifty states of grey soon. I find some of my views I have to re-examine & may be taken out of context by readers. I hope to have this completed by tomorrow so look forward to you reading it. Again, thank you for sharing & being so open. 💖


      1. I admire how you know what “fits” for you and what doesn’t, and that you’re not afraid to move on, expand experiences but also maybe go back to some familiar things. When many people move on from Catholicism they do so in such a critical, negative way and don’t look back. You seem to appreciate some of its value even though you don’t ascribe to the formalized religion. We can learn so much from each other if we just listen and not judge. It’s not wrong to feel differently if you don’t also feel the need to belittle and disparage what others believe. I wish we weren’t in the middle of this pandemic because I would love to sit down with you some time and get to know you better and enjoy a good discussion. Until then, I’d love to continue reading and contemplating your posts. I really enjoy them and they way you express yourself and tie things together. Looking forward to more!

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      2. Thank you Carolyn I feel the same would love to meet up. I am not going to be able to complete my new writing tonite because I had a long stressful day on phone w/ cell phone company for multiple hrs for various issues to get nowhere. It was quite the test though I kept thinking about this blog post so I would not get myself upset or dip below 400. Lol!


  3. Oh, the joys of all this technology! I myself have a flip phone! Hope you get everything resolved and I look forward to your new writings whenever you do it! Take care!

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