“Fifty States of Gray”

Gray is the queen of colors, because she makes everyone else look good.     

Helen Van Wyk

The world we live in is filled with both pleasure and pain. We live in a world that is filled with various archetypes. There are literally thousands if not more. Let’s explore “The Lover” as that is what ultimately the majority of the planet wants; a world filled with more love & less hate.

The light aspects of a “Lover” consist of great passion and sincere appreciation of someone or something while the dark aspect of the “Lover” can manifest as someone who displays an overly exaggerated passion towards someone or something that can have a destructive effect on one’s physical and psychological health as well as their overall sense of well-being.

If someone is flip flopping in their core belief system then they are living in a gray state of affairs. At one point in time tribal loyalty was deemed something very admirable, but it is becoming rather outdated and boring now to say the least.

The media coverage regarding the virus has been extremely spasmodic and confusing. The rules are all different depending on what state you live in. It is extremely problematic if you want to travel anywhere even to the next state. People are also checking the “Worldometer” more then ever now as each phase gets unveiled to another shade of gray.

Life is a circle; I have seen it in my own life such as stuff I experienced when I was young returned when I got older. Sometimes this can happen to us when we fail to grasp a lesson or failed to adequately transmute the darkness of the original condition.

Currently we are living in a world where a refurbished version of the 1918 Spanish flu is taking over the planet. Some people are angry at those that do not take what is going on serious enough while some are questioning whether everything we hear on the world stage is true.

Some people are dismissed as conspiracy theorists & ignored for simply trying to think outside of the box. I am not going to let the cat out of the bag, but your homework for today is who coined the label “conspiracy theorist”in 1967?

We are on the brink of some major changes in the world in all sectors and we have to get off the horse on the carousel sooner then later. History has always repeated itself, but we were too blind to see as it peeped through in little hidden ways such as fashion etc. Now it is coming around on a more apocalyptic type scale.

Nothing will ever be the same as the only constant is change as the wheels go round and round on the merry go-round. The only thing the world can do now is change it’s priorities; do you want to view the glass as half full, half empty or just a line in the middle of a cup? Your attitude no matter how gray things seem will determine your altitude and appropriate course of action. We can’t let a crisis like this go to waste! I don’t care what religion you are; if you do not believe in a higher power then you must listen to your higher self. Break out of the norm; chase your dreams in this state of chaos and confusion. Pretend money did not matter: dream big! Do not let grim news on the TV captivate you into thinking you are destined to a life of blah.

How do you view this?

When there is panic; there is extremism. I saw someone doing yard work alone in their yard with a mask on? It is sad that this person is so scared to breathe in fresh air in the privacy of their own lawn. Then there are some people that will cough right in your face, which happened to me at the start of this epidemic around the beginning of April. These two scenarios are in stark contrast to one another hence leaving a gray area.

It is time to remove the blindfold off of the Lady of Liberty so her eyes can be open. I never recall history labeling this symbolic figure as being stricken with blindness. Honestly how can a blindfolded woman symbolize justice and liberty? Has that ever made sense to anyone? I personally never understood this concept; I guess it is just another gray area!

“Justice is Bliss; Ignorance is Blind.”


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7 thoughts on ““Fifty States of Gray”

  1. The ocean is my go to place ! When everything in the world seems wrong , or (my world) it’s where I need to be , to make sense of it all .

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  2. Great post, April! I like your analysis of “The Lover” with the light and dark aspects. I suppose anything taken to extremes can produce unhealthy results regardless of the intention.
    I agree with your comments on the state of confusion surrounding the current pandemic. The health field is based in science, those of us who worked in it know that what is touted as “healthy” in today’s studies may soon be overturned in favor of different outcomes from newer studies. Who do you believe? It’s like trying to hit a moving target when this is new territory with developing information all the time. Many shades of gray!
    Conspiracy theories usually appear very extreme. Like anything else we should not blindly believe them but allow them to provoke some further thought about other sides of the issue. I think sometimes people are blindly following who we are told are “experts” in this current pandemic. If you don’t follow and ascribe to their directives, you are ignorant. If you question what they say you are a conspirator. What is the “herd” mentality here? Be open to a little of both even if it is a shade of gray.
    Just one comment on the observation of the person wearing a mask while alone mowing the lawn. Panic or prudence? We don’t know the motives but I do know that prior to the pandemic, some people wore masks routinely while doing yard work to protect themselves from inhaling dirt, dust and pollen. Another shade of gray?
    As for the Statue of Liberty: “Since the 16th century, Lady Justice has often been depicted wearing a blindfold. The blindfold represents impartiality, the ideal that justice should be applied without regard to wealth, power, or other status”. Although she is blindfolded, she is not deaf nor mute. Our justice system should have open ears and open minds but also should be blind to entities that have prejudicial influence over decision making and outcomes. When I was in college, a friend in the educational program was taking a course in deafness and sign language. One of her “tests” was to put on a blindfold and navigate the Boston transit system with an instructor at her side. Although she was blindfolded, her other senses sharpened and she learned to navigate safely. She had no awareness of people’s sizes, shapes or skin color but her sight was opened especially to the plight of others. Truly a walk in someone else’s shoes.
    I love your “Gray is the Queen of Colors” and the beautiful pic of the scales of justice (I presume).
    And you are quite right. If done right, justice is bliss. And ignorance is blind.
    You come up with such meaningful lines!
    Keep writing! I enjoy this so much!

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    1. Thank you & yes after writing the post I did learn that people wear masks for yard work. I was unaware of that. I had to drive into Boston this morn & saw so many people running with masks on. If that is what they want to do I understand; i just find that must be very difficult to breathe. Very interesting about that test your friend took part in that is very telling. I have no sense of smell so I find some of my other senses are heightened. Good point regarding the blind fold; I was viewing it from an alternate view point. As always I appreciate your feedback & input as it also opens my mind as well.

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