Carbon Copies of Yesterday: Part 1

#Shadows #Release #ParadigmShift

Everyday has been pretty much the same. However, on another note not everything is really totally the same as everyday we are releasing shadows. Different surroundings release your shadow self.

For years I was stuck in my head dreaming in my mind of some new world. I was asked once to write a paper on a “small business plan.” I was mentally incapable of doing that & ended up creating a mass blueprint of how to reinvent the entire planet. I can not help being a visionary even if it is only in my own head.

How I wish I still had that paper & a video of everyone’s facial expressions as I read my “small business plan” aloud after someone just read their plan on implementing Hooters girls as golf caddies. I am sure there were many raised eyebrows. I have no idea nor did I care; I was in “April’s Shadow World.”

I do not wish to bore anyone, but over the years I have been forced to cross examine & re-evaluate my shadow side. As the veil between myself & reality grew thinner; I saw aspects of both myself & the World come into the light. Old mindsets were dropping like flies; a paradigm shift was underway.

Getting back to business, I would like to share with my readers a list compiled by Deepak Chopra of conditions that release shadow conditions to offer some hope as the World begins to start developing a plan to open up. Carl Jung was the first person that started using the “shadow” as a “clinical term.” It is a real thing & we all have one. Even Little Miss Sunshine has a shadow side.

“Conditions That Release Shadow Energies

1. Removing a Sense of Responsibility,

2. Anonymity,

3. Dehumanizing Environments,

4. Peer Examples of Bad Behavior,

5. Passive Bystanders,

6. Rigid Levels of Power,

7. Prevailing Chaos & Disorder,

8. Lack of Meaning,

9. Implicit Permission To Do Harm,

10. “Us Versus Them” Mentality,

11. ISOLATION, and

12. Lack of Accountability.”

-Excerpt from The Book of Secrets, Deepak Chopra

When all of these above-entitled conditions are brought into the light of consciousness they draw “attention” and a new dawn can emerge amongst the sea of chaos.

To be continued……

Photograph by Aleksandar Pasaric

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