Carbon Copies of Yesterday: Part 2

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In my past post I discussed conditions that release shadows from the Book of Secrets by Deepak Chopra. I will be putting each of these conditions in quotations as I point out how each state flows into the other so easily.

For purposes of this article I am using this definition of “Shadows” by Merriam Webster Dictionary (1828).

“devoid or partially devoid of light not receiving, reflecting, transmitting, or radiating lighttransmitting only a portion of light.”

“The eye is always caught by light, but shadows have more to say.”

– Gary Maguire

When you “Remove a Sense of Responsibility” to do something you should do you create an air around you of “Anonymity.” When you can remain anonymous then “Dehumanizing Environments” come into play, because those that commit & allow vile acts are allowed to remain anonymous.

Shadows released…….

When the true self of someone is invisible to the outside World then they can feel they can do as they please & “Peer Examples of Bad Behavior” result. For example if X does this then it is ok for Y & Z to engage in this kind of behavior.

Shadows released……

Then this in turn creates “Passive Bystanders.” These kinds of people do not really take a stand on anything. I was always raised to stick up for the underdog so stepping in when needed I will gladly take on that challenge even if it puts a target on my back. People do not like to be called out and if you call out someone affiliated with a pack of wolves then the wolves will come out and tear you apart any way they can in fear of being exposed by the light of truth.

It is so much easier & more comfortable for people to remain in their shadow sometimes in fear of messing up the status quo, it feels comfortable and they believe what they are doing is something society deems is in fact “normal.”

What is really normal? Do you think this state of the World now is normal?

If you passively sit by & see someone acting, treating or doing something downright unkind, mean or flat out wrong then you are not operating in the light. You are assuming the attitude of “if it is not harming me or my loved ones then who cares?”

This is something to think about, because you are in essence affecting your environment by not only disrespecting others; you are also setting a horrible example for the future generation and disrespecting yourself. Also let’s not forget we inherited this planet from the children as they are the faces of the future & will be making the decisions for the planet in the near distant future not the other way around.

“Passive Bysyanders” create “Rigid Levels Of Power” by being “passive.” When conditions in your atmosphere are “rigid” they are not in a flow state. Change is the only constant. There is a stark difference between blind passivity and flowing from one state to the next while still holding onto your true authentic self.

Shadows released……

A “Rigid Sense of Power” does not create leaders. True leaders create more leaders. When you have no true leaders combined with the above aforementioned conditions then what do you think the result will be? “Prevailing Chaos and Disorder.”

Shadows released……..

When the World is in this state there is a complete “Lack of Meaning.” If there is no sense of moral aptitude and meaning behind words and actions then people are given a free pass for “Implicit Permission To Do Harm.”

If you are granted permission to do harm this creates an “Us Versus Them Mentality.” One side thinks the other side is harming the other & the bickering as to who is right versus who is wrong ensues.

Shadows released……

Then the World is in such a state of influx all of the above conditions have released their shadows and we end up where we are now in a state of “Isolation.” Stay at home orders are in place due to COVID-19.

Shadows released…….

Since we have now been in a state of “Isolation,” people start to do more critical thinking then ever before over who knows what, when will this end, is life ever going to be normal, which leads us to the final condition & the final wild card: “Lack of Accountability.”

As you can see all of these twelve conditions played off of one another as more shadows were released the more light has seeped through the darkness so a new World where new leaders have emerged. Some of the people out there that you used to not blink an eye at have emerged from the ashes: the front line workers, the critical thinkers and those that have finally broken free from the norm.

“Sometimes it’s not the people who change, it’s the mask that falls off.”


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4 thoughts on “Carbon Copies of Yesterday: Part 2

  1. Good morning, April. This piece you wrote is so timely and provides meaning for conditions we find ourselves in today more than ever. I think FB is a prime example of “removing a sense of responsibility”, moving into the shadows and becoming anonymous.The very opinionated take over and perhaps say things they never would had been face to face. Those remaining passive for whatever reasons hand over “power” to those who speak the loudest and often they do so without respect for others. This is very harmful setting up an “us vs them” mentality. There is no accountability for acting like a respectable human being in that you can disagree with reasonable discussion but instead it often devolves into insults, name calling and useless back and forth which only serves to feed those who sit in the shadows enjoying the “show”. In this era of “isolation” we try to do our part in mitigating this pandemic but even then the louder voices prevail until nearly a revolt from those remaining passive causes them to demand opening up of the economy, not that they don’t value human life, but that they see the one size fits all mandates are actually hurting society in other ways that are yet to be appreciated/examined fully.
    I love the rock labyrinth! Round and round in circles we go but sometimes it just feels like a line in the sand has been drawn and we are expected to take sides.
    Thanks for this writing. I really must read Deepak Chopra’s book!

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