Happy Anniversary!

When I was young & ill my Mom snuck me out of the hospital and carried me up twelve flights of stairs so I could surprise Dad who had worked all night.

When I was unable to attend pre-school alone; my Dad stayed with me at school & basically became a pre-school teacher so I would be able to go to school.

When a mean kid would relentlessly  pick on me and knock my building blocks over; my Dad knocked his building blocks over to teach him a lesson.

When I was horrific at contact sports my parents still always cheered me on and told me I had a “good eye” even though I had no clue what that meant.

When I was heading in the wrong direction in college and only wanted to party; my parents made me move home so I would actually graduate.

When I was fifteen my Dad forced me to drive in downtown Boston in a snow storm so I would be a good driver.

Dad & I

When I would dress too scandalous; my Mom always corrected me & made me change even though it angered me I know she was looking out for my best interests.

Mom & I

When I would be out till all hours of the night even on our most recent trip in February; they would stay up until 4 a.m. calling me on the cell phone the tone in their voice escalated after each voicemail. The last VM I got from my Dad scared the daylights out of me so I ended the evening. Ha! Even at my age they still stay up worrying about my whereabouts that is how much they care.

When I have been clueless in the kitchen; my Mom has always showed me how to do things even though I have not fully grasped how to be as good of a cook as her. My brother inherited that trait much more then I!

When I was sick and recovering from multiple surgeries; my parents were always there for me treating me like a princess. They would even gave me a bell to ring if I needed anything.

When I have switched a zillion times what I want to do with my life despite going to school for nine years they always supported whatever it is I chose to do even my constant art and craft endeavors that I would become fixated on until it was on to the next project.

When I had a hysterectomy and could not have kids; they bought me a kid although it is not human; it is treated as one!

“Roxy” (we were born only a day apart!

They are both different people, but they have taught me so much about relationships even though I am not in one. They have taught me to always agree to disagree, to always respect the other person & to let go of the small things also to not take life so seriously. When I feel I have not accomplished enough in my life as I always dreamed of leaving a major mark in history; they let me know I am enough.

Both of you have always uplifted me when I was sad and have always pushed me to keep moving forward in life & to stay strong.

I am so grateful for you both. Thank you for putting up with me through the years and your unconditional love. I am truly blessed to call you my parents.

Happy 43rd Anniversary!

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Love, Strength & Perserverence

3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. April , I LOVE this !!!! I am learning so much about you !! Even though we are related . I love learning about you . Your parents are the best ! It’s wonderful to see all of you together enjoying each other . That is what family is . The loving memories you create . I know I always have a good time when I’m with all of you . ❤️❤️Remember your mother is your first and forever best friend . No bond is greater . Happy anniversary to your parents .

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  2. What a wonderful tribute to your parents, April! And to you for your recognition of all they have done to support you throughout the years. Love the pics and how well they accompany your words. What a beautiful couple they were and still are! Happy Anniversary, Paula and John!

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