Reality Recheck

“There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

According to the American Psychiatric Association sociopaths make up three to five percent of the general population. They have no conscience and they have zero remorse. Some may cry crocodile tears to let you think they have remorse, but sadly they do not.

The world is a crazy mess at the moment due to the fact many are blindsided by this small, but crazy population of cold blooded individuals. People are sick of the hate speech, racism, the turning of a blind eye and the abuse of authority that has been running rampant for far too long. White supremacy is at an all time high and it really needs to end before things get worse.

I always thought everyone deep down cared in some way shape or form, but the harsh reality is some people never change nor do they care. Some people feel if you love or pray for something long enough a change will be made, but sadly that is not the case in regards to this three to five percent of the population. There is a big ice box inside there. They have no respect for fellow man. This line of thinking also can cause problems in the religious sector. Praying away doesn’t always make something okay. You have to be realistically aware regarding this small percent of humanity yet hopeful regarding the rest.

The scary part is these individuals are hard to identify as some are very charismatic, attractive and are in positions of power. Sooner or later you will catch these individuals in a lie. You will blow it off and maybe even blame yourself. However, in due time these individuals will continue to break you down until you are the one feeling empty, because you put up with it and are depleted by them sucking your energy and time.

People make mistakes, but it gets to a point sooner or later these bottom feeders are actually making “decisions” not just slips of the tongue or mistakes. They are taking you down with them and do not even realize the consequences of their actions, because they physically can not feel empathy.

When you are in a physical relationship with these people you form a soul tie with them. When you do business with them you are also in a contractual relationship with them. In life everything boils down to the contract. They can bind you and they can break you.

“Break the contract; you break the tie and the lie.” -Me

When you listen to these empty shells and abide by their rules; you are under their control. Do not give your power away to anything you do not believe in or it will control you! Only God can judge you!

When sociopaths are allowed to charm their way into controlling business etc..or our personal lives; nothing good will come come about. Many people that are in relationships with these types of individuals whether it be personal or professional can be in denial for a long time or forever unless they reclaim their power. They do not want to admit the fact they have been hoodwinked into thinking they have been in bed with the devil in some way, shape, or form.

“It may be that we are puppets -puppets controlled by the strings of society. But at least we are puppets with perception, with awareness. And perhaps our awareness is the first step to our liberation.”

– Stanley Milgram

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Love, Strength & Perserverence

9 thoughts on “Reality Recheck

  1. Nice Reality Check, April. So sad and frightening.
    Today’s world is indeed a mess as you say.
    Three to five percent seems like a small amouth but considering we have over 300 million people in this country, the population of psychopaths could be considered prevalent. How does this happen? Hard to believe people can have no conscience guiding their actions, and feel no remorse for antisocial behavior. It’s inhumane. We start with heightening awareness but how do we change hearts and minds? How do we go deeper?
    Great pictures you used to illustrate your words. They put an exclamation mark on your points. Very memorable.
    We need to overcome the evils in this world and there are many. We may think sometimes our prayers have gone unheard, but we may never know how effective they are as things could be much worse without them.
    Thanks for your interesting and timely writing of this subject!

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    1. I think the only way to go deeper is to expose people for what they are so these kinds of beings no longer have any power, but it is a balancing act as look what just happened when the cop that killed George Floyd was killed. It created mayhem however, hiding evil is also not the answer. Also the people igniting violence are masked & indistinguishable notice how the violence hit once it got dark. The protest was peaceful initially then became a big mess. It is hard to believe people have no conscience but it is a known thing. I have met a few which is why I had to buy the Book “How to Identify a Sociopath” so I can avoid these kinds of people & know the signs to look for.

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  2. I guess just chalk that comment up to fake news! I meant to say look what happened when George Floyd was killed. I have been on hold for multiple hrs with unemployment encountering issue after issue.


  3. Oh, I didn’t know he was on suicide watch! Anything can happen now! I know how it is when you are multitasking and distracted! I hope your unemployment issues get resolved. I think we’re all on edge dealing with so many issues in this country right now. We all need to slow down and take a deep breath, count our blessings if we are not in the line of fire right now, and pray for those who are that there will be justice and a peaceful resolution to all this. George Floyd’s brother visited the site of his death today and was pleading for peace and an end to this violence which is not what George nor his family would want. It was insightful. I hope the aggitaters/rioters, many of whom must be sociopaths, are arrested and prosecuted. Take them out of circulation.

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    1. I am just seeing this comment. You are right these little things are nothing compared to what the family of George Floyd & those under fire are dealing with. We have to definitely count our blessings for sure. Gratitude always has a positive effect on both ourselves and the planet. Thank you for the news & valuable insight. 🙏💜

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