Give Us A New Tune, June!

Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June.” -Al Bernstein

June is the sixth month of the year; the number six signifies perfected balance.

The Rose is the birth flower for June.

The number six also represents the heart and the essence of love.

Given the state of the world, many are feeling a sense of disillusionment. The fighting and rioting across the world are becoming too much for one to wrap their minds around.

The darkness has reached a peak hence there must be something unknown operating in the midst of this global storm. I encourage all of you to embrace the symbolic meaning of this month; balance and love.

It is time to re-examine old belief systems and not dwell in the negative as that is what those that engage in acts of violence and corruption want. Do not let what is booming through on the other side of the screen drag you down.

“Just like the changing phases of the Moon; June can also change it’s tune.”-Me

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Love, Strength & Perserverence

4 thoughts on “Give Us A New Tune, June!

  1. What an uplifting post to start the day with, April! Love the pink background and the positive outlook on a new month of balance and love!

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