Change of ❤

I always felt the world was against me so when I see things that trigger me I am too quick to pass on blame for things I do not understand namely technology.

I am putting on my big girl pants and realizing that much of what i think is true is not actually the truth. There are good people in this world willing to assist me with my dreams as long as I get out of my own way! I am not letting constant electronic problems dull my shine for that could maybe be a lifeline! Shadows can always expose the light hence eliminating & conquering fright!

I am going to continue to press forward despite appearances. I am not going to criticize those that are only out to help me. My struggles in life have given me depth and a deep sense of empathy as well as compassion for others. I am not just an empty skin mask.

I embrace my physical and my psychological scars as they make me: me!

Looking at me you would not see a thirty eight year old woman; I look kind of like a young girl at times. I easily fall into states of panic, loneliness and I even occasionally throw fits wanting to throw in the towel on life.

Little Miss Sunshine 🌞

I am not my fears or my thoughts so I let them pass on like the clouds in the sky!

Let them pass!
Coming Soon!

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Love, Strength & Perserverence

4 thoughts on “Change of ❤

  1. That is lovely April. I like that you acknowledge we are what we think, so if a thought does not help you, then let it go! All the best, Linda

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    Board of Trustees Member – Massachusetts Dental Society, a component of the American Dental Association / ADA.

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